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Power Product

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Surge Protectors, Power Protector, Converter, Cords, Supply & More

Here at CableWholesale, we can handle any and all of your electronic accessories needs at our wholesale cable center. Browse our top quality selection of power supplies and surge protectors. Surge protectors, power supplies and UPS power protectors are used to provide additional power outlets and protect your expensive electrical equipment. Here at cable wholesale we carry surge protectors that offer various levels of protection in the form of their Joules rating. A higher Joule rating on surge protectors means more protection for your electronic device. We have power cords for a computer, laptop/notebook power supply and other devices like our hospital grade power cord. We also have a large selection of lengths of indoor and outdoor power cords and extensions. From laptop/notebook power to UPS power protectors, is here to provide a solution. For more electronic accessories like our power Y cables, hospital grade power cords and surge protectors, explore our website Contact us for more information about our cable store and our wide variety of electronic accessories.