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The Ubiquitous USB

The universal serial bus, USB from here on, is quite likely the most widely used method of connecting peripherals to one's computer. Face it, most of us who have a computer have devices connected to it through USB. Think about your printer, cell phone, digital camera and a litany of other devices. In most cases these devices connect directly to USB. However what happens if you have an older device that does not support USB and a new computer with out a connection to support it? Or you have used up the available connections? This could leave you in a pickle if it were not for USB converters. Are you out a serial port, parallel port, VGA port or perhaps lacking an Ethernet port? Then we can help you!

USB to DB9 Cable
USB to Serial Cable Type A Male/DB9 Male, 1 ft USB to Serial Adaptor, USB A Male/DB9 Male, 3 ft

Serial devices are rarely produced anymore. However in their heyday, well before USB, they were widely used. A plethora of devices used serial connections: Plotters; vinyl cutters, graphics tablets, etc. In fact the machine this is being edited on is utilizing a 3ft serial to USB adapter to connect its UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply). These devices will work on Windows 7 as well as all the listed operating systems on the supplied disk. Keep in mind that the device you want to use will need to be supported in some fashion on your computer. (We supply the connection device you must supply a driver or program to use your device.) We have several options to connect serial devices to a USB port, these cover one, three and six foot lengths and both DB9 and DB25 serial connections.

USB to DB9/DB25 Cable
USB to Serial Cable, Type A Male to DB9/DB25 Male, 6 ft

Because of its wide adoption in printers as the "go to" connection USB has supplanted most new computers parallel ports. This likely leaves you the new computer owner with no ability to connect your older printer to your computer. Enter our USB to CN36 adapter. This device will convert from USB to a CN36 printer/parallel connection. Put this device to use and you will be rocking and rolling in no time, or at least printing.

USB to CN36 Printer Cable
USB Type A Male / Centronics 36 (CN36) Male (USB to Printer), 6 ft

If you have a reasonably new computer you may have the ability to drive two monitors already. Maybe you want a third now, or perhaps your computer supports only one monitor and you want a second. Well worry not, we have a USB to VGA adapter that will enable you to add another monitor. Now you can get serious with your multitasking. Watch a movie on your primary monitor whilst minding your email on your secondary monitor. If you are crazy you might even watch a movie on one monitor while checking email and reviewing a web page, you need only imagine the possibilities.

USB VGA Adapter
USB 2.0 to VGA Dual Monitor Adaptor

Our final highlighted conversion for this edition is a USB to Ethernet converter. Do you have a computer/laptop with no Ethernet port and spotty wireless coverage? Well then this doohickey can save the day. Perhaps you have a system with an included network card but you now find yourself needing a second Ethernet port. Again, this device comes to the rescue. With this part you can easily add Ethernet capability to any computer, laptop or netbook that has a USB port.

USB Ethernet Converter
USB 2.0 to Fast Ethernet Converter

Well there it is goes folks, several devices with lots of potential to remove headaches or maybe just complete a mobile tech kit for those inclined. We hope we opened your minds to further possibilities of the ever useful USB connection.

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