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Then and Now: The Evolution of Cell Phone and Tablet Charging

The Search for the Perfect Power Source

Since the first cell phone was developed many decades ago, people in the industry have been searching for the perfect source to power these mobile devices. Many sources have been used and improved on over the years. This has brought about a modern battery that supersedes previous power sources for mobile devices.

Technical Difficulties

Over the years, devices and batteries have seen some difficulties that needed to be improved on. Initial mobile power sources, such as nickel cadmium batteries, were unable to hold a full charge and were filled with toxic chemicals. Other power sources replaced the first cell phone battery, but these replacements had their own disadvantages. Although able to hold a full charge, these other batteries were bulky and heavy, which prevented smaller and more lightweight devices. These batteries could also be very expensive, making it harder to provide a cost-effective cell phone.

Improvements and Innovations

Over the years, the search for the perfect power source has continued. Scientists have worked to create cost-effective and lightweight batteries that last longer and recharge faster. In addition to these superior batteries, cell phones are no longer limited to being charged by a cord plugged into an electrical outlet. Innovations in charging are currently being made and now no cords are needed with wireless charging. These innovations have pushed the mobile device industry closer to the perfect power source, but the search will never end as more eco-friendly and powerful sources are developed.

Then and Now: The Evolution of Cell Phone and Tablet Charging
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