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Technology Then and Now

Technology has made great strides since the first television or the first cell phone. Since its inception, inventors have been working to improve the initial design to make it better and more cost-effective for consumers.

The first moving pictures were available for viewing in the 1930s; however, viewers were forced to leave the home to watch a motion picture. In the late 1930's, the first RCA television was sold for $600, the modern day equivalence being over $9,000. Technology continued to grow despite halted production during WWII, and in 1953, the first color television was released. Modern technology now makes it possible for the consumer to bring home the ultimate motion picture with 3D and 4K Ultra HD television sets.

Computers and cameras have also changed over the years. Although the first computer was invented in 1936, the first personal computer was not released until 1975, many decades later. In that same year, a Kodak engineer combined technology from NASA and Bing Crosby and created the first digital camera. Digital technology continued to be refined in the early 1990s, and now compact digital cameras are available for everyday use.

Cell phones have also evolved over the years. The world's first mobile phone call was made in 1973. This phone weighed 2.5 pounds. Nearly a decade later, the first cell phone was approved for commercial sale, costing nearly $4,000. Modern day cell phones have gotten smaller and lighter, and include technological advances such as touch screens and "smart" technology.

Technology Then and Now
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