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Frequently Asked Questions

To help answer your questions more quickly, has put together a series of Frequently Asked Questions documents. Please choose one of the following sections:

How to Place an Order

  1. Go to If you've ordered from us before, log in by entering your information into the fields in the upper right-hand corner. If you haven't ordered from us before, you will have the opportunity to sign up for an account later during the order process.
  2. Once logged in, you can browse the website and find the items you wish to purchase. If you know the part number of the item you wish to purchase, you can type that number into the search field. If you do not know the part number, you can search using keywords in the search field, or the categories on the left-hand side of our homepage.
  3. Once your item is displayed on the screen, type the quantity you need into the field on the right-hand side, and click [Add Item.] You may complete this step with as many items as you wish.
  4. If at any time you wish to view the contents of your cart, find the [View Cart] link located near the top left of the screen under the "My Cart" menu next to the Shopping Cart box, and click there.
  5. When you are ready to purchase your items, click on the [Checkout] button, near the top left-hand side in the Shopping Cart box. Type in your address and contact information into the fields provided. Please note that while the ship-to and bill-to addresses can be different, the billing address must match the address that your credit card bills to.
  6. Below the address fields, you will be asked to enter a username and password to create a new account. Please note that if you already have an account, it will not work to enter that information here; these fields are only for setting up new accounts. Having an account allows you to access important information about your pending orders, and we highly recommend that you sign up. (For information on our privacy policy.)
  7. Once you have filled out the form completely, click on the [Next Step - Select Shipping] button at the bottom of the screen.
  8. On the next screen, you will be able to verify the contents of the shopping cart as well as the ship-to and bill-to address, as this information will be displayed near the top of the screen. Below you'll find the various shipping options and their respective costs. For further information on shipping options, click the link.
  9. Once you've chosen a shipping option, you will be asked for payment information. There is a field for Coupon Codes; current coupons can be found on the back of our catalogs, and sometimes on the website. If you do not wish to pay with a credit card, please give our toll-free number a call for further options (888-212-8295). You will be asked to provide the credit card type, number, expiration date, and CSC code. If you are unsure of what the CSC code is, you can click on the [How Do I Find This?] link. We use this code for security verification, and it is not stored in our database once your order has been processed.
  10. Below the credit card fields, there is an optional Purchase Order field. If you wish, you can enter your company's purchase order number for your reference. However, please note that Net 30 orders without a credit card cannot be placed online.
  11. Once you have filled out all necessary parts of this form, you can click on the [Submit Order] button at the bottom of the screen. An order number will be generated immediately after this step. This number, and the details of your order, should show up on the screen.
  12. Please note that the [Submit Order] button should only be clicked on once per order. Hitting "back" in your web browser and then going forward and clicking on [Submit Order] again will generate another order. If, when you first submit the order, a message tells you that a server error has occurred, please call our toll-free number; do not click on [Submit Order] again.
  13. Once you have placed your order, you can view the order status or make changes at any time by logging on to and using either the [List all Orders] link or the Order Tracking square. In addition, e-mails are sent to the address provided when your order is submitted and when your order is shipped.

How to get shipping costs without placing an order

  1. Using the search field or the categories on the left-hand side of our website, locate the items you want, and add them to your shopping cart. Please note that if you do not add all of the items you are going to order, shipping will not be calculated correctly, as it is dependent on weight.
  2. Click on the [Calculate Shipping] link on the top right of the page.
  3. The screen will prompt you for the ship-to city, state, zip code and country. Fill in all of the information requested. If fields are left blank, the website will be unable to calculate shipping costs.
  4. Click on the [Calculate] button located at the bottom of the short form. On the following screen, all available shipping options and their costs will be listed. If an option that you want to use is not listed, or there are no options listed for your address, please feel free to give us a call. For Frequently Asked Questions regarding Shipping Methods and Policies, click here.
  5. If you wish to put in another ship-to address, the opportunity to do so is located directly below the list of shipping costs.

Pending Orders: Status, Tracking, Editing

  • How do I view the orders I've placed with
    To view a summary of all of your orders, click on the [All Orders] link on your My Account Page. You will see a list of all orders you have placed with u. To view the details for an order, click on the order number.
  • Can I edit pending orders?
    A pending order can be edited at any time until it ships. From the Order Summary page, click on the order number of the pending order you'd like to change. Then click on the [Change Order] button at the top of the screen. The subsequent page will allow you to edit the order. When finished, click on the [Save] button at the bottom of the page.
  • Can I edit shipped orders?
    Shipped orders cannot be changed or added to online. If you have an address correction to make, we can sometimes pass this on to the shipping company, although it is problematic; simply give us a call at 888-212-8295.
  • How do I procure a tracking number for my shipped order?
    To view the tracking number for your shipped order, type the order number and your zip/postal code in to the provided fields in the Order Tracking square, and click on the [>>] (submit) button. If your order has shipped, the tracking information will be displayed on the following screen. If your order has not yet shipped, you will see this message: "Your order has been received, but no tracking information is listed."

Shipping Methods and Policies

  • What shipping methods does use? utilizes UPS and FedEx. Will-call is available for customers in the Bay Area, and the US Postal Service can be used on rare occasions.
  • How do I know which shipping options are available, and how much they cost?
    Once the items you wish to order have been added to your cart, you can click on the Calculate Shipping link in the upper left-hand column. Once you enter your city, state, and zip code, the available shipping options and their costs will be displayed. You can also view this information during the checkout process.
  • What is the difference between a commercial and residential address?
    If you are having your order shipped to someone's home, your order is sent to a residential address. Orders sent to a business or office building are shipping to a commercial address. It is preferential to ship to a commercial address because the cost is generally about $2.00 cheaper, and also because it is more likely that there will be someone there to sign for the package.
  • How are shipping costs determined?
    Shipping costs are determined based on the weight of your order and the ship-to address. It is good to keep in mind that shipping costs will change if you add items to your order, or change the address that the items are being shipped to.
  • Does profit on shipping costs? does not profit on shipping costs. The amount that the shipping company charges is basically the amount that we charge you.
  • Can I have items shipped on my company's account number?
    If you have a UPS, FedEx, or freight account number that you would prefer to use when your order is shipped, we are happy to accommodate this.
  • Once I have placed my order, how soon will it ship?
    Orders placed Monday-Friday before 4:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time generally ship out the same day that you order. Orders with out-of-stock items are the main exception to this. Once your order has been placed, you can check the status by signing on to our website. A confirmation e-mail with the tracking number is also sent once your order has shipped.
  • Does shipping occur on weekends? is not open during weekends. Orders placed on weekends will be processed the following Monday. Shipping companies also do not normally ship on weekends, so delivery time is given in business days. For instance, orders placed on a Friday with overnight shipping selected will arrive on the following Monday. For orders placed on a Friday that must arrive on Saturday, a Saturday delivery option is sometimes available. Please contact our sales department to see if that option is available to you.
  • How do I track my order once it has shipped?
    To obtain your tracking number and information, you can sign on to our website with your username and password and go to the List My Orders/Quotes link in the upper right-hand column. If you know the order number you wish to track, you may enter that number along with the postal code of the shipping address and receive tracking information through the web. In addition to this, a confirmation e-mail with the tracking details is sent when your order ships.
  • Will a signature be required when my package is delivered?
    For all ground shipments, no signature is required at the time of delivery, and a package may be left on the premises without your being notified prior. For all faster shipments, such as UPS or Fed-Ex 3-day, 2-day, or overnight delivery, a signature is required, and packages will not be left on the premises without a signature.
  • What happens if there is a problem with my shipment?
    If you encounter a problem with your shipment, such as the shipment never arriving or being delivered to the incorrect address, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to contact the shipping company and investigate the problem for you.
  • When should I expect my shipment?
    Please note that shipping times may vary with customer's location; while shipments should not take longer than listed below, they are sometimes faster. Please remember that count of business days begins on the day after the order ships and does not include weekends.

    UPS GROUNDBy 5:30 PM end of 6th business day
    UPS 3 Day SelectBy 5:30 PM end of 3rd business day
    UPS Second Day AirBy 5:30 PM end of 2nd business day
    UPS Next Day Air SaverBy 5:30 PM end of next business day
    UPS Next Day AirBy 10:30 AM next business day
    UPS Next Day Air Early A.M.By 8:30 AM next business day
    UPS Next Day Air Saturday DeliveryBy 10:30 AM next day
    FedEx Express Saver (3-Day)By 5:30 PM end of 3rd business day
    FedEx 2-dayBy 5:30 PM end of 2nd business day
    FedEx Standard OvernightBy 5:30 PM end of next business day
    FedEx Priority OvernightBy 10:30 AM next business day
    FedEx First OvernightBy 8:30 AM next business day

    International Shipments
    Please note that delivery times on international shipments varies greatly from country to country, and so we cannot specify an outside delivery time for these methods.

    UPS StandardUPS's slowest method of shipping internationally
    UPS Worldwide ExpeditedUPS's intermediate method of shipping internationally
    UPS Worldwide ExpressUPS's fastest method of shipping internationally
    FedEx International EconomyFedEx's intermediate method of shipping internationally
    FedEx International PriorityFedEx's fastest method of shipping internationally

Warranty Information

Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMA)

  • How do I request an RMA?
    If you receive an order and are dissatisfied with its contents, you may request a return authorization by fax, phone, e-mail or you may use our online request form. When you make your request, please state your reason for returning the parts. When we receive your request, we will respond with the RMA instructions.
  • In what time frame must I return my order? has a return policy of 30 days; that is, you must request your RMA within 30 days of the shipping date. Once an RMA number has been issued, we ask that you ship the item back to us within fourteen days or additional charges may apply.
  • Do I need an RMA number to return an order?
    We do not accept any returned goods without an RMA number. Refusal of shipment when a package is delivered does not constitute a request for an RMA, and refused shipments cannot be refunded fully.
  • How will my return be credited?
    Once the returned items have been received, customers can expect a credit onto their card within two weeks. A detailed confirmation of this credit can be e-mailed upon request. For our customers who use purchase orders, a revised invoice or credit memo can be expected within two weeks.
  • How much of the original order amount will be credited? charges a 20% restocking fee on almost all returns. Exceptions to this include defective merchandise (return merchandise is tested upon receipt) and internal errors in shipping. We cannot normally credit original shipping costs, and just as a retail store cannot credit you for gas costs while driving back to their store, can not credit return shipping under any circumstances.

Missing Items

  • In what time frame must I report missing items from my order?
    If parts from your order are missing then you have to notify Cablewholesale within 7 days of receiving your order for us to verify our stock and ship out missing parts.

Ordering with a Purchase Order

  • Is my company/agency eligible to order using purchase orders? accepts purchase orders from public schools and universities, as well as hospitals and all government agencies. We also accept purchase orders from companies who have been accepted for a Corporate Account. Please note that a Preferred Customer account does not denote Net 30 terms. Apply for a Corporate Account.
  • How do I order using a purchase order?
    You can send your order via fax to our Sales Department. Please do not call your order in; faxing reduces the risk of duplication. At this time, there is no way to place an order using a PO for payment on our website. For same-day processing, please fax your purchase orders to us before 3:30 PM PST.
  • How do I know you have received my purchase order?
    Please include an e-mail address on each purchase order, so that the automatic confirmation e-mails can be sent when we enter the order. Once an order is in the system, you may log on to our website to check the status of your order.
  • How do I check pricing and availability on a part?
    Pricing is available on our website. Simply type the part number into the search field. We always honor the prices listed on our site. Availability can be found by calling our sales department, or sending an e-mail inquiry. Once your order has been placed, you can find out if the items are in stock by checking your order status online. When items are in stock, we ship the same day that you order.
  • In what circumstances do you offer discounts? has various discounts available for customers holding Preferred Customer accounts.
  • Do you issue payment terms above Net 30?
    We do not grant payment terms past Net 30. After 30 days from the ship date, payment is considered past due, regardless of the purchasing company or that company's policies. New purchase orders are not processed until we have payment information for all past-due invoices.
  • Do you charge interest on past-due accounts?
    Payment is due in full as stated on the invoice. For purchase orders, late fees of 2.5% of the unpaid balance will be charged on delinquent accounts, commencing after the first billing cycle, and compounding monthly, from the date of the invoice if, deems the situation requires such action.
  • How do I return items?
    To have an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) issued, please send an e-mail or contact our sales phone line. We issue RMAs for 30 days after the order has been placed. Items cannot be returned after 30 days. Once we have issued an RMA number, we ask that you please return the merchandise to us within fourteen days. A full description of our return policies can be found online.