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White Qi Embedded Wireless Charging Module, CableWholesale

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Discontinued: This product is no longer available.

Product Description This Embedded Qi charging pad is designed to be installed directly into furniture. This pad mounts virtually flush with the top of your furniture and allows you to use your Qi enabled devices to drop and charge wirelessly. It lights up when the current is flowing and charging your device.* Power adapter from the wall to the pad is included
Part #: 90W3-01200

Qi Embedded (in furniture) Wireless Charging Module with AC Adapter, White

  • Warranty:Lifetime
  • Color:White
  • Weight:0.42 lbs
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5 / 5 5/5 - December 08, 2013
AG (Castle Hill, Sydney, NSW)

Excellent product, exactly what I was looking for. To embed this module in a desk or table: use an 85 - 87 mm hole saw bit (I used 86mm) and cut the hole in the desk. Drop the module in and fix it in place by bending the 3 tabs and screwing in a small screw to each. Plug in the wallwart. Done. The wallwart is 110-240 volts 50/60 hz IN and 19v 350mA to the coil and the coil puts OUT 5w. It charges my Nexus 5 perfectly well. Initially I had some issues with the charger cutting out (once or twice) but these seem to have ironed themselves out. I think my phone case was causing the phone to overheat and in turn cut off the charging. I charged the phone naked without issue and then tested it once again in a slimline case and then once again in my Spigen Hybrid (which has thick plexi on the back) and it seems fine (within temp tolerances) according to the battery logger I downloaded. Have used it all last week in my work desk and it is well worth the money! No way in hell my wife will let me install it in our home though! Well worth the 30 bucks and the service from cable wholesale was excellent even though I shipped it to Australia. Which is why I bought 2!

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