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16 Slot Managed Converter Chassis, Includes Redundant Power Supply

Product Details
  • Part #:61X6-40016
  • Warranty:Lifetime
  • Color:Black
  • Weight:22.11 lbs

16 Slot Managed Converter Chassis with Redundant Power Supply

Discontinued: This product is no longer available.

The 61X6-40016 Managed Media Converter Chassis is a 16-slot converter centre for our media converter modules. Depending on the specific requirements of the network, several of our converters are compatible with the 61X6-40016. It provides support for 10/100TX to 100FX and 1000T to SFP modules. Each module is automatically identified once slotted in.

Intelligent Media Converter Chassis

The 61X6-40016 supports SNMP, Web, Telnet and console management features with event log and SNMP Trap management interfaces. It further supports SNMP MIBII and private MIB with HTTP and Telnet security features as well as Link Loss forwarding technology to combat and manage broken links between local and remote modules. The management features for the 61X6-40016 enable network administrators to monitor the status of the converter modules and configure modules remotely. Moreover, it allows to configure, monitor and test the remote converters with TS-1000 supported.

The 61X6-40016 converter chassis is suitable for the following of our Converter Modules: 72X6-04110: 10/100TX-100FX, SC Multi-mode, 2km, TS-1000 72X6-04111: 10/100TX-100FX, SC Single-mode, 30km, TS-1000 72X6-02106: 10/100/1000BaseT to SFP for mini-GBIC module 3.3v This enables users to mix and match modules to match their network requirements.

  • Provides 16 slots and redundant AC power
  • Supports 10/100TX to 100FX and 1000T to SFP modules
  • Converter module and CPU modules are hot-swappable
  • Provides status check and management for SNMP, power, fan and media converter modules
  • Supports TS-1000 function for the 10/100 module
  • Provides for back-door password feature will quick access and maintenance
  • Friendly Web-based user interface
  • EIA RS-310C 19 standard rack mountable size
61x6-40016 Diagram
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