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Surge Protector, 6 Outlet, 1 X3 MOV, EMI & RFI, Modem Protector, Power Cord 6 foot

This product is no longer available.
Product Details
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • UPC Number: 846568019241
  • Connection: 3-prong Power Plug
  • Connection: 6 3-prong Outlets Plus Phone Jacks
  • Length: 6 feet
  • Color: Gray
  • Wire: 14 AWG
  • Weight: 2.60 lbs

Surge Protector, 6 Outlet, 1 X3 MOV, EMI & RFI, Modem Protector, Power Cord 6 foot

Our surge protector features one X3 MOV (metal-oxide varistor)(1080 Joules) to divert extra voltage away from your connected electronics and a 6 foot grounded power cable with a standard 3 prong plug (NEMA 5-15P).

This 6 outlet surge protector will keep your computer and electronic devices safe from any damaging electrical disturbances. Voltage surges, spikes, EMI/RFI interference, noise and other problems can cause damage to any electrical device. A computer surge protector will help protect your investments from these damaging occurrences. This power surge protectors features a re-settable circuit breaker that trips itself if it detects an electrical anomaly. It also has a lighted rocker power switch for easy visibility, and a heavy duty cord. There is a protection indicator lamp that tells you if the surge suppression is active. All 6 of the surge protector outlets have the same rating, so whichever outlet you plug your device into, it will be safe. Home surge protectors are the best way to keep your valuable electronic devices safe from rogue lightning strikes as well.

This surge suppressor comes with a heavy duty line cord, resetable circuit breaker, lighted rocker switch, 2 -wire grounded outlets, a surge protection indicator lamp, 2 filter capacitors and 3 MOVs to provide full protection for voltage surges, spikes, EMI / RFI interface, noise and other damaging electrical disturbances.


The surge suppressor is designed for use with 110-125 volt AC power systems and is for indoor use only. This unit MUST BE connected to a three prong, properly GROUNDED outlet. Do not remove or disable the third (ground) prong on the plug.

5.0 / 5.0 5.0 / 5.0 (2 reviews)
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5 / 5 5/5 - December 28, 2013
JP (Clearwater, FL)

Excellent Product. I chose this product because I needed to plug many larger powersupply type plugs that won't fit on a power strip.

5 / 5 5/5 - November 21, 2010
LM (wallingford, ct)

Very Good Surge Protector, Nice length and reset rocker switch. Well made product. Great job cableswholesale!