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7ft Dual IR Emitter to 3.5mm Mono Male Cable

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Discontinued: This product is no longer available.

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Sometimes it just does not work to have a DVD player, cable set-top box or other devices next to a TV. Maybe the best place is inside a closet close to the TV, or even inside a cabinet. The problem that arises with this situation is that your infrared remote's signal cannot pass through a wall. The solution is to use an infrared extender kit. The Infrared Extender kit consists of an infrared receiver which becomes the target for your infrared remote control. The IR receiver plugs into a connecting block which requires power, and controls the signal behind the scenes. The connecting block has several 3.5mm outputs. These outputs are for plugging in IR emitters to relay the signal to your devices in the closet, inside a cabinet, or where ever the hidden device is. IR emitters contain an adhesive backing that allows them to be stuck onto the front of a device (DVD player, set top box) where the infrared signal is received.

This dual IR emitter to 3.5mm mono male cable relays your infrared signal to two devices. The 3.5mm port plugs directly into our connecting block part # 332-700.
Part #: 332-502

Dual IR Emitter to 3.5mm Mono Male Cable, 6.5 foot

  • Warranty:1 year
  • Connection:3.5mm Mono Male Plug
  • Length:7 feet
  • Color:Black
  • Weight:0.08 lbs
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