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Injector Coupler IR over Coax Cable

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  • IR to Coax injector
  • Coax to IR coupler
  • Power Brick
    • Input: 120 Volt AC 60Hz 5W
    • Output: 12 Volt DC 200mA
  • Instructions

Suggested Additional parts for use:
  • Part # 332-600 - Surface Mount Mini IR Receiver (dual band)
  • Part # 332-500 - Single IR Emitter , 3.5mm Mono Male ,7ft Cable

Detailed description:

This kit utilizes your existing coaxial wiring to transmit and recieve and IR signal across said coax as far as 200 feet. The injector side is able to take in an IR signal, via 3.5 mm plug IR reciever, and transmit it alogn the coaxial line until the IR coupler which has 3.5 mm jacks for up to two Emitters. The IR reciever takes in the signal from your remote control, the emitters communicate it to your device.

Part #: 30T3-00350

IR over Coaxial Cable kit, Includes Injector and Coupler, Used For Transmitting IR Remote Signals on Coaxial Cables, Max Distance: 200 feet

  • Warranty:Lifetime
  • UPC Number:846568034596
  • Length:200 feet
  • Weight:0.20 lbs
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More Product Info
This kit comes with an IR to Coax injector and Coax to IR coupler. Both sides use 3.5 mm female jacks to either take in or output the IR signal. This is designed to use one receiver and up to two emitters. The injector is compatible with part number 332-600. The coupler will accept the IR signal over the coax from the injector and send it to as many as two IR emitters (part number 332-500). This kit comes with a 12v power adapter. See the specs below for more details.

4 / 5 4/5 - February 25, 2012
RK (North Augusta, SC)

Good product, Works well with the coax as a transfer device.

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