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3/4 inch cable retainer with pipe mount magnet

Product Details
  • Part #:30MA-01702
  • Warranty:Lifetime
  • Weight:0.20 lbs

Rectangular Pipe Mount Magnet with 3/4 inch cable retainer, 10 lbs pull force, 10 pieces/bag

In stock - Usually ships same day

3/4 inch polymer cable retainers featuring pipe mount magnets are a simple cost-effective solution to cleaning all manners of cable disasters. These specific retainers accommodate up to four unshielded Cat5e cables. From the server room to the A/V closet, even your garage at home, these simple effective cable retainers are attached securely to a powerful rare earth magnet with 10 pounds of pull strength. The magnet is rectangular to improve surface contact with pipes for a secure mount.

Never botch a cable cleanup solution again!. These retainers are designed to adhere to any steel pipes and more. If you place one wrong there are no screws or glue, merely unseat the magnet and move to the desired location and continue on with the task at hand.
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