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Firewire 400 6-Pin to 4-Pin

Firewire 400 6 Pin to 4 Pin cable, IEEE-1394a, 6 foot - Part #: 10E3-02106

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Product Description This 6 foot black Firewire 400 (IEEE-1394a) cable features a 6 pin connector on one end and a 4 pin connector on the other end. Our cable features thick cable jacketing with a heavy-duty braided shield for protection from abuse and EMI/RFI. Firewire cables are used to transfer data between Firewire enabled devices such as external hard drives, camcorders, DV recorders, digital cameras, etc to computers, laptops and other Firewire capable devices. When selecting your Firewire cable pay attention to pinning of the devices you are connecting to ensure you choose the correct cable for your application.

Our Firewire 400 Cables meet the specifications outlined in the IEEE-1394a standard. This means that one can daisy chain up to 63 supported devices on a single Firewire port provided the devices support daisy chaining. The standard supports the following transfer rates: S400 (400 Mbit/s), S200 (200 Mbit/s) and S100 (100 Mbit/s). Lastly the 4 pin connector does not supply power while the 6 pin connector is able to supply power. If your device requires a 4 pin connector it will not be powered/charged via Firewire it will instead use its own separate power.

Note: All camcorders use a 4-pin connector for their 1394 interface. Nearly all computers use a 6-pin connector for their 1394 interface.
So, you need a 6-pin to 4-pin configuration to connect a computer to
a camcorder.
If you want to transfer video between two camcorders then you need
a 4-pin to 4-pin configuration.

  • Part #10E3-02106
  • Warranty:Lifetime
  • UPC Number:846568002755
  • Converts:Converts back and forth between Firewire 6-pin Male Plug and Firewire 4-pin Male Plug
  • End 1:Firewire 6-pin Male Plug
  • End 2:Firewire 4-pin Male Plug
  • Length:6 feet
  • Color:Black
  • Wire Gauge:22 AWG
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5 / 5 5/5 - February 18, 2016
MJ (Flushing, NY)

Very nice cable. Use it to connect external hard drive to my computer. The 6 foot length allows me to move my laptop around my workspace without needing to drag the drive along with it. Transfer speeds are a few MB/s faster than when I use USB 2.0.

4 / 5 4/5 - November 04, 2011

A little had to see the smaller connector

4 / 5 4/5 - November 11, 2009
TS (Trimble, MO)

The drawing of the cable giving engineering deminsions was the seller. The price was second selling point. Retail store wanted 10 times the price. I will be back next time I need somthing.

5 / 5 5/5 - October 01, 2009
SB (Grand Rapids, MI)

Great value and the perfect length for my video application.

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