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Active Video Balun, Male BNC Connector to Bare Wire Terminals, Camera Side

This product is no longer available.
Product Details
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • UPC Number: 846568027949
  • Converts: Converts from BNC Male Plug to Bare end
  • Connection: BNC Male Plug
  • Connection: Bare end
  • Weight: 0.20 lbs

Active Video Balun, Male BNC Connector to Bare Wire Terminals, Camera Side

This active video balun is designed for use on the camera side of your surveillance/CCTV system runs (works with 10B1-01320). This unit allows you to transmit video signals over two wires and convert them to a male BNC end. It requires a power source and provides male and female DC ends to piggyback power from the power source for the camera.

Simply run a Cat5e cable from your source to your destination. Plug the pair for video into the terminals on the balun to achieve distances up to 6000 feet. You can choose to run power from the video destination over the same Cat5e cable, though you will be limited by the distance power can travel, using the three unused pairs (18 AWG for chart under the specifications tab below.) You can use 30W1-01120 to make the power connection.

This balun is for the camera side and meant to be used with 10b1-01320 for the DVR Side. You can visit our Balun FAQ for additional information here. Balun FAQ

balun power over pair

balun power distance

balun signal distance

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