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Digital Camera Accessories

USB, USB mini, USB micro, Firewire, mini HDMI, micro HDMI and more

Digital cameras often need specific cables to connect to a computer, television or other output device. A digital camera can require a wide range of connections, ranging from USB cable or HDMI cable to Firewire cable.

In the world of USB, the main types used on digital cameras are either mini-USB-B or micro-USB-B. These cables, along with Firewire, allow the digital camera to export pictures or video directly to a computer. Other cables, such as a mini-HDMI or micro-HDMI, allow the digital camera to display pictures or videos on an HDTV with HDMI input.

We also offer 3.5mm cables for cameras and camcorders to output to many older television brands. Plus, for extra digital camera storage, we offer digital camera memory cards for cameras as well as an all-in-one USB reader that works with more than two dozen different types of removable storage!

Take a look through CableWholesale's full selection online, or contact us today for help finding the right products for your camera!