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Coaxial Cable

Coaxial RG59/RG6 Cables and more

No matter your needs, CableWholesale carries a full selection of coaxial cable connections and splitters for your project.

Most people think of coaxial lines as the cable running through their walls with a cable TV connection. This is also referred to as RF cable, and the connection is sometimes called F-pin. You can easily split this signal into multiple rooms using a coax splitter or RF splitter.

The most common coax cabling today is RG6 cable. This cable type is often used to replace the older RG59 wiring, which has a lower bandwidth. Coaxial cable is also often used in home theater setups with digital coaxial cables, which are used to transfer digital surround sound audio from a source to your receiver/amplifier. We also carry BNC cables, typically used to carry video from a security or remote camera to a DVR.

No matter what kind of coax you need or what your splitting requirements are, CableWholesale has everything to get your project completed. Check out our full inventory today or contact us for help finding the right cable solutions for you!