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Black, Uninterrupted Power Supply, DP 400 UPS Direct Pro Series

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DP 400 UPS Direct Pro Series, Black, 400 VA (Volt Amps), Uninterrupted Power Supply

Discontinued: This product is no longer available.

The 91W1-10400 is a desktop style 400VA Standby (Off Line) type Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with extra surge protection built in. This light and compact UPS has 2 outlets, and is perfect for a PC and a monitor or your gaming system and screen. This desktop series is designed to give you battery backup functionality at surge protector pricing. The 91W1-10400 will give you about 5-6 minutes to save your work or your game during a power outage, while at the same time protecting it from spikes and surges.
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