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1000ft Plenum Blue Cat6 Solid Ethernet Cable

Plenum Cat6 Bulk Cable, Blue, Solid, UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair), CMP, 23 AWG, Pullbox, UL listed, 1000 foot - Part #: 11X8-061TH

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Product Description

Our 1,000ft plenum blue Cat6 solid Ethernet cable is used for networking and phone infrastructure, and it comes in a convenient pullbox. Cat6 plenum Cable is used in network applications and has been designed specifically for Gigabit Ethernet applications. They perform at high-data transfer rates, and work with ATM and gigabit speed products.

This particular cable is a plenum rated blue UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) bulk cable. The individual conductors are 23 AWG (American wire gauge) solid pure copper. Our Cat6 plenum-rated Ethernet cable exceeds the ANSI/TIA-568.2-D standard.

In a typical residential environment, an in-wall rated cable will suffice. However, commercial installations of cabling will have more requirements. In commercial buildings, there will be an area between floors or above office areas for heating/cooling airflow called the Plenum. If an office were to catch fire, this plenum area could easily allow the spread of the fire to more floors or across the entire building. Cables that do not have a jacket rated for in wall or plenum use could actually cause the fire to become more intense. Plenum rated cables are jacketed with a fire-retardant plastic jacket of either a low-smoke polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or a fluorinated ethylene polymer (FEP) for less toxicity during a fire. If a fire gets into a plenum rated area that contains plenum rated cables and the fire spreads, the cables will not be to blame.

  • Part #11X8-061TH
  • Warranty:Lifetime
  • UPC Number:846568030796
  • End 1:Bare end
  • End 2:Bare end
  • Length:1000 feet
  • Color:Blue
  • Wire Gauge:23 AWG
  • Weight:38.00 lbs
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5 / 5 5/5 - August 06, 2021
BM (Syracuse, NY)

Great CAT 6 cable with colors clearly visible

5 / 5 5/5 - December 11, 2019
JH (Akron, OH)

Will order this product again, easy feed boxes and pliable, not stiff.

4 / 5 4/5 - November 17, 2011
SE (Memphis, TN)

The cable spindle was terrible, it was made out of plastic and was not very easy to turn. The cable quality was great though.

1 / 5 1/5 - April 26, 2010
PC (Fort Worth, TX)

We purchased a single box of CAT6 cable on 4/6/10 (order: 597938, part: 11X8-061TH) prior to our past order to ensure it was what we were expecting, and it was. On this order the boxes we received was not the same as the prior order. It was not easy-pull cable but spooled instead and the cable quality itself was not the same as the first box we ordered.

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