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Armored OM1 Corning Optical Fiber

Armored Plenum 6 Strand Indoor Fiber Optic Distribution Cable, OM1 62.5/125 Multimode, Corning Optical Fiber, Orange, Spool, 500 foot - Part #: 21F2-206NF

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Product Description

Our Steel Armored Fiber Optic Cable features Rodent Resistant Spiral Steel Armor, 6 strands of OM1 62.5/125um Multimode Corning® InfiniCor® 300 core, and an orange plenum rated jacket.

This armored cable consists of 0.9mm tight buffered fiber surrounded by an Aramid yarn (similar to Kevlar®) strength member. The core is protected by a spiral-wrapped steel tube that offers an easy installation, rodent protection, and high crush, pressure, and tension resistance during installation and deployment. Indoor Plenum rated cabling is primarily used in building wiring applications, it can be Installed in walls, between floors, in plenum air handling ducts, and under data center floors.

Common Applications include Fiber To The Home (FTTH) access networks, Telecommunication Networks, CCTV Networks, Data communications Networks, Local Area Networks, and more.

  • Fiber Count: 6 cores
  • Fiber Type: Corning® InfiniCor® 300
  • Cable Type: 900um Tight Buffered
  • Buffer Material: PVC
  • Strength Member: Aramid Yarn
  • Armor: Spiral Steel
  • Cable Color: Orange
  • Jacket Rating: Plenum Rated

Optical Fiber Characteristics
  • Core Size: 62.5um
  • Wavelength: 850nm / 1300nm
  • Max. Attenuation: 3.5 / 1.5 dB/km
  • Bandwidth(EMB): 850nm: 200MHz
  • Cladding diameter(um): 125±2.0
  • Core-Clad Concentricity: ≤1.5 um
  • Cladding non-circularity(%): ≤0.1.0
  • Coating-Cladding Concentricity(um): ≤12.0
  • Coating diameter(um): 242±5
  • Core diameter(um): 62.5±2.5um
  • Effective Group Index of Refraction(Neff)
    • 850nm:1.496
    • 1300nm:1.491
  • Fatigue Resistance Parameter(Nd): 20
  • Temperature Dependence: -60~85°C
  • Temperature-humidity cycling: -10 to +85°C,98% R.H.
  • Part #21F2-206NF
  • Warranty:5 years
  • End 1:Bare end
  • End 2:Bare end
  • Length:500 feet
  • Color:Orange
  • Weight:23.00 lbs
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