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4 Port, KVM Switch with Cables, VGA and PS/2

Product Details
  • Part #:GENIE4
  • Warranty:Lifetime
  • Weight:4.00 lbs

4 Port KVM Switch with Cables, VGA (HD15) and PS/2 (MiniDin6)

Discontinued: This product is no longer available.

Our 4-Port KVM Switch Kit allows you to manage multiple PC's with just one keyboard, monitor and mouse. Switch between PC's with a simple press of a button! Save space and eliminate the hassle of cable swapping. This unit has Plug and Play capability; it installs easily within minutes. This unit is features Hot-Plug, Auto-Scan, Audible Feedback and Hot-Key Operation; and comes with 6ft cables that have uniquely color-coded connectors.

Genie4 is an electronic Keyboard/Video/Mouse (KVM) switch that controls up to 4 PC's using a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse.

Genie4 can save you money by eliminating redundant peripherals (e.g. keyboards, monitors, and mice) and provide a centralized control of multiple PCs.  With a small investment in Genie4, you can preserve previous office space, cut energy cost and redundant peripheral cost, and increase productivity.

Genie4 features intelligent mouse and keyboard emulation to ensure successful PC boot up and flawless operation.  Cap Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock status are recorded and restored while switching among PCs. Users can select desired PC by using keyboard Hot Keys, front-panel select buttons or let the Genie4 do the automatic scan.

Four sets of 6-feet PS/2 cable kits are included with Genie4 for your convenience..

Key Features:
  • Easy Installation - A truly plug and play device. Complete installation within minutes with bundled cables.
  • Smooth Control - User can select desired PC by keyboard Hot Keys or push button.
  • Flawless Booting - Individual keyboard and mouse emulation to every PC.
  • Intelligent Keyboard Emulation - Cap Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock status are recorded and restored while switching among PCs.
  • MS Intellimouse Support - Provide Microsoft PS/2 Intellimouse and other brand name PS/2 mice emulation to ensure proper wheel mouse function.
  • Wide Video Bandwidth - Support monitor resolution up to 1600 x 1200.
  • Free Cable Kits - Four 6 feet PS/2 cable kits are included.
  • Color Coded Connectors - Simplify installation and minimize error.
  • Reset Button - To synchronize the keyboard and mouse signal.
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