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18 AWG Security Cable

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CableWholesale has all of your bulk, security/alarm wire needs covered with our huge selection of 1,000-foot security cable options. Choose from various CMR in-wall rated wires, CMP-rated wiring and packaging options available in convenient spools or easy-to-use and store pullboxes.

Choose the premium wiring that best suits your installation or updating requirements - you can be confident in our security wiring’s performance and high-quality reliability. This 18 AWG (American Wire Gauge) premium stranded copper wiring is available from two-conductor to six-conductor choices, depending on the specificity and purposes you are utilizing this wire for.

Choose from several different colors: gray, white or black. Whichever selection you choose, we guarantee that you will be selecting a quality item that you can have confidence in. Our wires are made from premium materials like pure copper, foil shielding (depending on the product) and tough PVC jackets.

For residential security projects where need to connect smoke detectors, keypads, magnetic contacts, motion sensors and more, choose our bulk 18 AWG CM/CMR in-wall rated security wiring. Choose either spooled or pullbox packaging, your color choice and your conductor number choice - 2-conductor, 4-conductor and 6-conductor options are all available. We also have two CM/CMR 18/4 and 18/6 wiring with shielding to choose from to help reduce outside interference.

For business installation updates or installations, choose our CMP-rated security/alarm wire options. Available in 18/2, 18/4 or 18/6 conductor options, these plenum-rated wires have a premium Remguard plenum polymer insulation as well as a Remguard plenum polymer jacket.

Plenum-rated wires’ jackets are required to be manufactured with low-smoke, fire-retardant plastics that will result in less toxicity in the event of a fire. Plenum-rated wires are created to help prevent the spread of fires and are mandatory in many government installations, so it is important to check your building’s specification before installation. Additionally, we have an 18/2 and an 18/4 plenum rated security wire that is available with shielding to help prevent environmental disturbances.

Buy one unit of this security cable or purchase it in bulk: we have wholesale pricing available. Our security wiring comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can purchase from CableWholesale with confidence knowing that we will stand behind the quality of our products.

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