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Home theater speaker cable is specifically designed to help you wire up your whole-home or one-room audio system. Unlike standard speakers, home theater speakers are often wired through the wall, so they should be rated for in-wall or plenum use. CableWholesale offers tons of speaker wires for home theater applications, the majority of which are CM rated for in-wall use but don’t necessarily have to be used in the wall. We offer high-quality in-wall and plenum home theater cables made with top-quality materials, all of which are available in an assortment of lengths.

Learning how to choose the proper speaker wire for home audio can mean the difference between pristine audio and poor quality. Again, speaker cables for this job should be in-wall rated if you plan to wire them through the wall. There are also plenum speaker wires, which are appropriate for use in plenum spaces. Plenum rated cables feature special insulations that are resistant to smoke and flames, which means they can be installed in spaces where air flows, such as in suspended ceilings or areas used for air return. You always want to pick cables with jackets rated for wall or plenum use in order to prevent the spread of fires.

No matter which type of speaker cable you choose, you can expect the best level of quality from CableWholesale. Even though it’s more expensive for us to produce, we always make our speaker wire with pure copper to provide the optimal conductivity and low resistance for the highest quality audio. We’re so confident in the quality of our home theater wires that we back each one with a lifetime warranty. At CableWholesale, you’ll find options in lengths ranging from 50 to 1,000 feet to suit your specific home theater configuration. Volume discounts are available for large or commercial jobs.

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