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40 pin, 34 pin ribon cables at CableWholesale 888-212-8295

IDE IDC 40 Internal Ribbon Cable, 2 Connectors, 1 Device, 18 inch Part # 2102-218 In stock - Usually ships same day
4.7 / 5.0 (3 Reviews)
IDC 40 x 3, 20 inch, Dual Device Part # 2102-320 In stock - Usually ships same day
No Reviews
Ultra ATA 100/133 IDE Cable, 2 Device, IDC 40 (80 Conductor), 18 inch Part # 21AT-10118-100 In stock - Usually ships same day
No Reviews
Ultra ATA 100/133 IDE Cable, 2 Device, IDC 40 (80 Conductor), 24 inch Part # 21AT-10124-100 In stock - Usually ships same day
5.0 / 5.0 (1 Reviews)
3.5 / 5.0 (4 Reviews)

Most modern desktop PCs, and many older ones, have multiple internal drives and devices for transferring and storing data. CableWholesale offers an assortment of IDE / parallel ATA cables that make these devices usable. What is IDE cable? This 40-pin ribbon can be used to connect any device using the Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) or AT Attachment (ATA) interface to a computer’s motherboard or controller card. IDE cable can currently be used with hard drives, DVD-ROM, zip drives, CD-RW drives and other optical devices. Our IDE hard drive cable can replace damaged cables or add setup options to connect more devices.

We carry both ribbon IDE cables and round ATA cable in several styles, lengths and speeds to fit multiple generations of PC. Our standard two-connector IDE ribbon cable offers basic one-to-one connections. Parallel ATA ports can support up to two devices, and an IDE dual device cable will let you connect both a hard drive and a CD-ROM, or a DVD-RW and a tape drive. We also have five-connector, two-device IDE cables that will connect all your drives with a single cable to reduce clutter. In addition to first-generational IDE cable that supports ATA33 speeds, you can find Ultra ATA cables with ATA100 and ATA133 transfer rates that modern devices require.

CableWholesale’s bi-directional ATA IDE cables are made using 28 AWG or 30 AWG wire, and come in multiple colors such as gray, yellow and ivory so you can tell at a glance which cables go to which devices. Another useful connector is our IDE laptop hard drive to computer hard drive adapter that converts 44-pin to 40-pin. We offer a lifetime warranty on these replacement IDE cables that can be used to adapt a custom PC build to a larger case, accommodate additional devices or allow you to place those devices in a specific bay. Save even more with our bulk wholesale pricing options!

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