What Are Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) Cables?

What Are Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) Cables?

Ethernet cables have a variety of uses in networking and transferring data. There are a variety of Ethernet cables you can use to connect devices and perform functions in a network, and one of those cables is the Single Pair Ethernet cable. These cables have many benefits for electricians and technology experts, and understanding them will create new options for people who would benefit from their functions.

What Are SPE Cables?

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) cables are a type of Ethernet cable with only a single twisted pair inside. The single pair consists of two copper wires with two core functions: transferring data and supplying power. An SPE cable functions as both a power supply and a networking method to allow multiple functions within a connection between devices, making it a valuable asset in cable technology.

How Do They Work?

The twisted pair will send and receive data using each wire for a task. The ability to send power through this twisted pair comes from power over the data line (PoDL).

Thanks to the way SPE cables work, a higher voltage pushes energy through the cable using differential signaling. The voltage will power the device that it is connected to, and the signal that transfers through the single twisted pair will connect to a data source and allow for many different connections that combine power and data transfer.

What Are SPE Cables Used For?

While SPE cables have great potential for doing certain things most other Ethernet cables can’t do, they are most useful for PoDL-powered devices. PoDL devices are typically smaller devices like clocks, security cameras, or sensors that connect to a digital source and require power.

SPE cables work well for security systems that require a camera feed or sensor to send data to a computer source. Depending on how much wattage the device needs, you may need a higher-powered SPE cable that will support the power demands, such as a 30W or 100W cable.

The Difference Between SPE and Commercial Ethernet

Part of the reason many people don’t know what single-pair ethernet cables are is that commercial Ethernet cables are more popular. The SPE cable has a single twisted pair which allows it more flexibility and will usually be a thinner cable. In contrast, the commercial Ethernet cable has four twisted pairs, making it thinner.

Although Single Pair Ethernet cables have multiple benefits that commercial Ethernet cables don’t have, they rely on one twisted pair to carry up to 1 Gbps of data. That’s a lot of important information. Businesses focus on this flaw, and many choose to buy more Ethernet cables, such as bulk Cat6 ethernet cables, and fewer SPE cables.

The Single Pair Ethernet cable is a small cable with big perks. Knowing more about this cable will open up new doors for organizing your network and creating a better connection for your devices.

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