Types of Cables To Consider for Your Security System

Types of Cables To Consider for Your Security System

A security system will ensure valuable possessions and areas of importance have an additional layer of safety from potential criminals. These systems utilize various technology that monitors and alerts people of criminal activity, and cables are essential to their functionality. Various cables will help you create an effective security system that will maintain safety for what you wish to protect.

Composite Cables

Although many security systems use cables that continue to evolve, such as coaxial and Ethernet, composite cables are still reliable for your security system. The composite cable, sometimes called RCA or “the yellow cable,” involves a simple setup and will supply you with a general video interface that is neither high definition nor grainy and unclear.

You will only need one cable and connector to operate your security system with a composite cable. The signal will be condensed since it travels through one cable and may lose clarity, but you will still benefit from a simple connection between devices.

Ethernet Cables

Numerous Ethernet cables have different transfer speeds and bandwidths. These are quality cables to consider for your security system because of their capabilities in access control systems.

The fast speeds and powerful signals that pass through Ethernet cables will create a quick transmission of data and a clear image, so security systems have less chance of lagging in live feeds. Businesses that want to improve their security may consider looking into wholesale Ethernet cables to ensure they have enough stock for multiple parts of their security systems using cameras and monitors.

RG Cables

RG cables are coaxial cables that transfer Internet and cable television signals. Coaxial cables are common in some older security camera systems and have a durable jacket that will endure wear and bending for long periods.

RG cables are considerable for security systems because their transfer speed covers longer distances. Various RG cables offer different features, but the most secure option for analog video systems is the RG 59.

Siamese Cables

These cables are unique in function, supplying signal and power to a source. Siamese cables have two ends, one being a coaxial cable and the other a power cable. The coaxial cable connects the security camera to a source, such as a monitor, and creates a feed to see through the camera.

At the same time, the power cord will power the security camera. These cables are great for any security system because of their ease of use and dual-action signal and power capabilities.

You may use numerous cables to create a great setup for your security system, but these cables will serve you well if you want the best protection. Security is important for many people and businesses, and making connections to technology is critical.

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