Ways To Watch Your Security Camera Through Your TV

Ways To Watch Your Security Camera Through Your TV

Many rely on surveillance systems to add a layer of security to properties and protect valuables. Most security cameras supply a live feed to a monitor, but sometimes you want a larger screen or summon the feed from the convenience of home. Your TV can become a screen to watch your security camera feed, and these ways will make the setup possible.

Use the GoogleHome App and Compatible Devices

The GoogleHome app allows you to connect to multiple devices within the area. Using a security camera such as a Nest camera and Chromecast, the GoogleHome App can connect your Google TV and the security cameras to provide a live feed to your TV screen. You will also need speakers that connect to the TV or app to hear any audio coming through the cameras. The wireless connection is useful for seeing through the cameras from a distance; your Wi-Fi must have a stable connection and quality bandwidth to produce a clear video.

Connect a DVR to the Camera and Watch the Recording Later

DVR will allow you to record video from a source, and you can watch the recording on your TV at any time. This method won’t give you a direct line to a live feed, but you will still be able to watch the security camera footage on your TV, and the DVR will save past recordings until you delete or transfer them. You will need an HDMI cable connecting all three devices for this method. Connecting the DVR to the CCTV as the cameras record and later connecting the DVR to the TV will let you replay the footage captured.

Connect the TV and the Security Camera With an Ethernet Cable and HDMI Mule

For a wired connection, connecting the TV directly to the security camera via a long coaxial cable is a satisfactory way of watching the camera through your TV. For a better transmission, you could use an Ethernet cable. You will need to use an HDMI Mule connected to the CCTV to create a connection with the Ethernet cable from the camera to the TV. If you plan to stream the footage to the TV over a few yards, a Cat6 Ethernet cable will be the best option for a stronger connection over a lengthy distance.

These methods will help you better secure a perimeter with the ability to see through security cameras on your TV. You can find the cables you need for these methods on CableWholesale, Inc., and find bulk items for your other electrical needs.

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