Ethernet Switch vs. Router: Which Do I Need?

Ethernet Switch vs. Router: Which Do I Need?

Given all of the technology that we use daily, we need specific devices to connect them all so we may use them efficiently. Connecting to devices such as phones, computers, and printers will help us perform specific tasks. And through the use of an ethernet switch or router, we establish internet connections, but these different pieces of technology are necessary for particular situations.

What Is an Internet Router?

An internet router is a device that connects various networks to create a larger network. Routers are wired devices but may also come in a wireless form and will act as a director for multiple connections at once. Internet routers will connect the wider range of a WAN (wide area network) and concentrate the signal into a compatible LAN (local area network) signal for a widespread signal.

What Is an Ethernet Switch?

An ethernet switch connects multiple devices through the use of ethernet cables. An ethernet switch has multiple ports with as few as 4 and as many as 64 for more extensive networks. These multiple ports allow it to connect more devices within a LAN, and the switch acts as a bridge that receives the data and sends it to the designated location within the network.

The Purpose of an Internet Router

Internet routers connect devices in a wider area and help networks connect to a WAN. You will most likely need a router when you have multiple networks set up in areas across greater distances. Internet routers work well for homes or offices to connect to the internet where many devices may require a connection to a WAN.

The Purpose of an Ethernet Switch

An ethernet switch works excellently for wired networks when multiple devices need a connection within a limited range. Ethernet tends to be faster, and wired networks have excellent connectivity. If you have a network of devices that rely on steady high-speed internet, you will most likely need an ethernet switch and bulk cables from a hardware store.

This device is excellent for a home network and a streaming setup because of its fast connection. When you need variety in your switch option, there are multiple types that will suit different networks, offering different forms of bridging and addressing learning for devices within the LAN.

Combining Both

It is possible to connect the router and the ethernet switch. Both devices connect to a LAN and allow connectivity at various levels. Companies and businesses with offices will benefit from the use of both. The ethernet switch works well for connecting multiple devices in a limited area, and the router will help when someone needs to send or receive information from a source within a WAN.

Knowing what technology you need to ensure that your network has a correct setup is essential. Ethernet switches and routers are necessary devices for our other devices and will give you excellent connectivity regardless of what you need.

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