Types of Cable Strippers and How To Use Them

Types of Cable Strippers and How To Use Them

Cables consist of conductors in the form of copper, silver, and occasionally gold. These wires are responsible for transferring electricity from one source to another, and sometimes, the wire must have exposure to function in an electrical circuit. A wire stripper is the best tool for safely removing the cable’s jacket without harming yourself or the wires. There are various types of cable strippers with different application methods, all of which are important to know.

Adjustable Cable Stripper

This type of cable stripper has a basic design where the cable goes between the two blades, and the tool clamps down automatically. There are notches in the blade that the wire will nestle into to make precise stripping a simple task. The stop screw in the middle will adjust to the size of the cable to accommodate thicker wires. If you need help getting a steady strip for the cable, this will be a great option.

Gauged Cable Stripper

Many people will know this as a common tool amongst electricians, offering easy use with explicit stripping. Gauged cable strippers have multiple gauges on their blades, allowing them to fit various wires of different sizes. Buying cables online may sometimes lead to larger cables than originally anticipated, but with this cable stripper, you will have an easy time adjusting.

This cable stripper is different from the adjustable cable stripper because it does not require a stop screw to adjust to thicker cables. Other types of gauged cable strippers work well for cutting, stripping, and crimping cables, making this a versatile type of cable stripper that can be used in multiple situations.

Self-Adjusting Stripper

Using this tool will make your next electrical project easy since it adjusts to the size and thickness of the cable. The blades will adapt to the cable automatically and shorten the time you would take to find the best angle or position. There are sharper options that may also act as a cutter if you want a tool that has more functionality.

Having the right tools to complete a job is important, especially when handling electrical applications. The cable stripper has many different types, and each has distinct features to help you gain the sharpness you need to reveal the wires safely.

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