Why You Should Stay Away From CCA Cables

Why You Should Stay Away From CCA Cables

We use many different cables for various tasks but mostly to make quality connections between machines. Like anything, there are cables you should use and cables you should avoid. The copper-clad aluminum cable, or CCA cable, is an unreliable cable that will hinder your production, and the various aspects of this cable will complicate its use.

Lacks the Ability To Bend

Bending is one of the most important aspects of a cable, and great flexibility makes a cable helpful in most situations. In terms of flexibility, you’ll want to stay away from CCA cables. Due to their brittleness, the conductors inside the cable are weak and won’t support any flexing or bending. This non-tensile strength makes packaging and shipping difficult, so you won’t find these cables for sale in many places. It would be a waste to buy poor cables such as these instead of bulk Cat5 cables with better strength and flexibility, making a great cable connection.

Oxidizes Easily

Metal constantly oxidizes when exposed to the air; although we cannot see it, it occurs at an extremely slow rate for most metals. CCA cables have a faster oxidation rate, adding to the poor strength mentioned before. The main component in the cable’s conductor, aluminum, is very reactive to air, and once it becomes brittle, the cable won’t perform as well as it should. Sudden disconnections may occur due to the conductor breaking in some parts if bent incorrectly. This faster oxidization is why these cables normally don’t last long and why anyone using them will need to replace them frequently.

Short Runs

Most cables are reliable in their length and how their signals will reach further distances. If you need a longer cable, it’s best to avoid using a CCA cable due to its shorter run. The signal won’t reach your device and may cause a reduction in data transfer and even signal loss, depending on the situation. The aluminum will not carry as much signal as a pure copper conductor and will disrupt any flow of work where data transferring is essential.

CCA cables are not quality cables, so you should not rely on their abilities. Avoiding these cables and choosing a pure copper cable is better for you and your devices, so always select the option that isn’t CCA.

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