What To Know About Terminating Ethernet Patch Cables

What To Know About Terminating Ethernet Patch Cables

The ethernet cable has given us access to many forms of technology and created many connections for networks. Ethernet cords are valuable pieces of technology, but there may be times when the connection is unstable from an issue with the cable’s end. When this occurs, cable termination is the best option, and there are essential elements you must know to ensure it is done properly.

What Is Cable Termination?

Cable termination means preparing a cable to connect to a device or electronic source. The preparation requires the cable end to have the correct wiring and proper structure to match the port on the device. Depending on the cable you plan to terminate, you will need different tools and cables.

Make Sure the Wires Are Even and Organized

The wires inside an ethernet cable come in various colors to maintain a proper formation. Ensure the wires are even in length and the conductors aren’t damaged. The wires must be in a ribbon formation, lying flat and side by side. If a single wire is out of place in the formation, the cable will not work, so double check the color order before and after inserting them into the RJ45 connector.

Mind the Space Between the Protective Jacket and Wire Ends

The area between the protective jacket and the end of the wires should be as short as possible when terminating ethernet cables. The cable and the wires need to fit inside the plastic connector. Using a cable stripper will help you obtain a more precise length for the conductors.

The protective jacket should be inside the RJ45 connector when you insert the wires to stabilize the connection; the back of the jacket should be even with a properly secured position in the RJ45. Some cables, such as a Cat6 ethernet cable, may have thicker wires and require you to use more force when placing the cable into the plastic end.

Use a Crimping Tool

Crimping tools will be your friend in this task as you form the plastic end of the ethernet cable for termination. After finishing the wires and protective jacket, the RJ45 needs to remain in a permanent shape. Fortunately, crimping tools come with an RJ45 slot that clamp down the plastic mold and lock the wires while trimming them for immediate use.

Cable termination is essential to ensure the best connections occur between devices. Use this guide to help you understand the process and make an ethernet cable with a stable connection.

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