3 Types of Hard Drive Cables and Their Uses

3 Types of Hard Drive Cables and Their Uses

We attach numerous types of devices to our computers so that they can have better functionality and more capabilities. We use large sums of data daily to perform tasks and occasionally need access to more data reserves in the form of hard drives. Hard drives come in various types, each with a cable that you need to connect to the computer.


The integrated drive electronics (IDE) is a type of hard drive cable used for the hard drive of the same name. This cable pairs with the hard drives found in computers and some external hard drives, allowing them to connect. IDE hard drives aren’t used in computers as much as in the earlier decades of computing technology, with newer computers with faster processing needing more data for their operating systems.

The cable is easily identifiable from its ribbon cable, which has 40 pins. The pins connect the hard drive to other computer parts, such as the optical drive or the computer’s main processing unit.


Smaller than the IDE cable, the SATA cable connects to the SATA Controller, so the hard drive it connects to will connect to the motherboard of the computer. This type of hard drive cable controls the amount of data flowing in and out of the computer. So you have the potential to control the amount of data going to the hard drive, thanks to the seven conductors. SATA cables connect hard disk drives, optical drives, and solid-state drives.


As another ribbon cable, the SCSI may have 50 to 68 pins which will supply more data between computers and their hard drives. SCSI cables have the ability to connect multiple devices through the use of a cable system involving numerous devices, called daisy chaining. The SCSI channel created through daisy chaining will support up to 15 devices depending on the cable.

Hard drives are an essential part of data systems and are used in computer systems daily. Knowing these hard drive cables will help you understand the type of connection your computer and hard drive needs so you will have a better time transferring data.

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