5 Ways To Play Computer Games on Your TV

5 Ways To Play Computer Games on Your TV

Throughout the history of gaming, there have been numerous ways to play that stray from the traditional format of monitors and basic television screens. We can use different devices to give ourselves the best gaming experience, regardless of the technology. One configuration involves using a TV to play computer games, which you can do in numerous ways.

Use Chromecast

If you have a large flat-screen TV with a USB port, Chromecast will stream games to your TV. A Chromecast kit will have the Chromecast plug-in and a remote. You will need your computer and the Chromecast connected to the same Internet access point for this to work. Connect your game to your TV by signing in to Google on your computer and opening the game. Then, select “cast” in settings.

Connect via HDMI

This is an easy method for playing computer games on your TV. An HDMI cord will plug into most modern flatscreens. They come in many lengths and allow you to decide how you want to configure it. Like most HDMI accessories, these cords make a reliable connection, and you won’t need to use WiFi for access. Connect the HDMI cable to the port near the graphics card.

Steam Link

Steam Link is a program on Steam that allows people to scan for devices and pair with them. The devices will then connect with remote play and stream the visuals of your computer to the TV. You will want to check if your TV is compatible with Steam Link as there is a list of smart TVs and set-top boxes that will work with it.

Use a Steam Link Box

Steam Link boxes have been discontinued and are thus difficult to find. For those who have one, the setup is similar to the Steam Link app, but you will need to use a four-digit pin to access the device from the computer. Once you do, you can pair the device and the TV to play your computer games.

Use Nvidia Gamestream

This device will work well for you and your computer games if you have an Android TV. Nvidia Gamestream connects to Android TVs and offers great streaming and connectivity between TV and PC. The only downside is the need for a specific TV.

Playing computer games is a fun activity, and it’s even more fun using a TV. These devices and programs will allow you to connect to the TV to improve your gaming experience.

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