Things That Can Damage Fiber-Optic Cables

Things That Can Damage Fiber-Optic Cables

Fiber-optic cables are incredible technological marvels that can transmit data at blazing-fast speeds. However, while these cables are typically very robust and durable, there are certain circumstances you need to watch out for to protect them. Look below to explore different things that can damage fiber-optic cables.

Wear and Tear

Fiber-optic cables are highly resilient—but like most things, if you mistreat or mishandle them, they will degrade and be damaged, lowering their overall effectiveness. When you’re disconnecting the connector, take care not to twist or pull it and be cautious when bending, folding, or squeezing the optical fiber cables in general. Additionally, if you knock the end of an optical connector against any rigid surface, the connection could damage or be lost entirely.

Watch Out for the Elements

Most fiber-optic cabling gets installed outdoors, and these cords typically have jackets covering them that get explicitly built for these conditions. However, you still need to be mindful of the environment where they lay and take precautions. While the cables may withstand normal circumstances such as rainstorms, high heat, freezing cold, lightning, withstanding other significant environmental risks may be beyond the capabilities of a regular fiber-optic cable.

Wildlife Can Take a Toll as Well

Watch out for animals that may try and chew or scratch through wiring. Small rodents, especially squirrels, are the main culprit, and you should be wary when laying out cabling. Birds may also claw through any wires that run along structures while perched on top of them.

How To Protect Wiring

You need to handle any indoor fiber optical cabling with care. You can employ raceways—sometimes known as conduits—to function as a protective outer casing over the cabling. Furthermore, you can also use rack mount enclosures to protect the exposed ends.

These are some of the most common things that can damage fiber-optic cables you need to watch out for. You can help protect them and provide other substantial benefits with fiber-optic cable accessories from CableWholesale, including tools and safety equipment such as enclosures. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.

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