3 Types of Cables You Need for Crypto Mining

3 Types of Cables You Need for Crypto Mining

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have exploded in popularity in recent years. You can mine some of these coins at home or by using a server room—but you need the right equipment first. Discover three types of cables you need for crypto mining below.

C14 To C13 Cable

Mining cryptocurrency takes a lot of energy to be successful. Whether you’re working from your home computer setup or running everything out of a data center, you need to make sure you’re able to provide enough juice without overloading these systems.

Luckily, you can use C14 to C13 cables to connect server and network equipment power sources to a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) or power strip. In some cases, you can also safely extend a power cord you already have.

Copper Cables

Different variations of copper cables are a popular choice for Bitcoin mining operations. Copper conductors provide incredible performance and are also affordable. These cables are well-known for their dependability and flexibility.

Copper cables send your data at the most significant overall bandwidth, and they save energy since they require less cooling energy. This cooling ability is a massive benefit since crypto mining consumes plenty of electricity. They’re also relatively steady and dependable compared to most alternatives, which protects data centers from outages.

Fiber-Optic Cables

You can use active cables made from either copper or fiber-optics to link devices and networks together. Fiber-optics cables tend to be more compact and lightweight than copper variations with a lower bend radio.

Furthermore, these cables have less airflow restriction compared to copper versions. Fiber-optics are also fixed and have low electromagnetic interference. However, it may not always be practical to use them in larger data centers.

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