Reasons To Favor Ethernet Over Wireless for Your Business

Reasons To Favor Ethernet Over Wireless for Your Business

So much goes into running a business. You have to put your employees first, make sure you have enough capital, and provide a safe work environment. One of the most important things supervisors should do is ensure a strong internet connection. Lagging internet can lead to a lack of productivity, thus hurting the company overall. Managers that want to give their staff the best internet experience possible should read about the reasons to favor Ethernet over wireless for your business.


Latency refers to the amount of time it takes to get from one webpage to another. Wi-Fi networks will always have some sort of latency—there’s no way around it. On the other hand, Ethernet cables are much faster and present very little lag time. Even if the employees are waiting for just a minute, those minutes can add up. Productivity will slow down, and the business will be affected overall.


Wi-Fi signals almost always experience some sort of interference with another device. This problem can become detrimental for a building with multiple offices inside. For example, if hundreds of people are using their phones trying to get on the Wi-Fi network, interference will occur. For this reason, Ethernet cables are a much better option for companies with several employees.


Security is one of the most significant reasons to favor Ethernet over wireless for your business. Wi-Fi networks get hacked all the time. Hacking is more likely to occur when several devices are on the same network, as well. As a result, you should use Ethernet cables that require someone to physically be there in order to break in.

Hopefully, this article has convinced you to use Ethernet cables instead of a wireless connection. While there are some advantages to using Wi-Fi, there are far too many risks involved. If you want your business to be as productive as possible and you want your digital information to remain safe, then Ethernet is the way to go. Luckily, you can buy bulk Ethernet cable at CableWholesale. We have everything you need to build a strong company and ensure it stays that way.

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