A Guide To the Different Cables You Need To Run a Business

A Guide To the Different Cables You Need To Run a Business

When you run a business there is much to consider. You must keep track of many parts so your company can keep running. The technological needs are exponential, especially today where many employees may be remote or just coming back to the office. When your business needs an upgrade in the tech department the best place to start is with cables.

Looking at all the different cable options and needs can be intimidating. Check out a guide to the different cables you need to run a business. This helps you stay organized and know exactly what you need to run your business efficiently.


USB cables are a must for any office space. Regardless of your company size or industry, a USB cable is always useful. Ordering USB cables for your business is a great investment and ensures you have what you need to succeed.

What It Is

A USB cable is a versatile thing. Here are some of the main categories:

  • USB 3.0
  • USB C
  • USB adapters
  • USB hubs
  • USB switch boxes
  • FireWire cables

There are multiple different types of USB cables you may need to invest in for your business. They help you keep things organized and ensure everything that needs to be plugged in is plugged in. Adapters help you to work with multiple types without worry.

What You Might Need It For

Since there are many types of USB cables, below is a brief breakdown of the main uses of each.


This type is used for computer accessories, a computer mouse, keyboard, connecting in a car, etc.


This type is used for connecting two devices together and some older printer models.


This type is used for Apple products, some other devices, charging things, etc.

Mini and Micro USB

This type is used for older cameras, MP3 players, some cell phones, and other devices.


This type is used for information transfers at high speeds.

Mobile Charging Cables

Mobile charging cables are another essential item for offices and businesses. They keep you and your employees’ devices charged and ready to go. Trying to get things done with a phone that’s rapidly dying is stressful. Keeping mobile charging cables around is beneficial for everyone.

What It Is

Mobile charging cables are cables designed specifically to charge mobile devices. These are essential for ensuring all mobile devices retain power. In today’s business world, mobile devices are essential to the productivity of a company. Having space mobile charging cables around can help increase productivity.

What You Might Need It For

Learn more about the different mobile charging cable types to keep around the office for yourself, your employees, and your clients or customers. The types of mobile devices you may need cables for could include the following:

  • Laptops
  • LG products
  • Samsung products
  • Apple products
  • Headphones and earbuds


HDMI cables are another very popular and highly useful cable for any type of office. These are used in a plethora of industries and help ease many pain points in a business. They’re an essential investment for your business to run smoothly.

What it is

HDMI cables have many uses and are an absolute must-have for offices in any industry. They work well with many applications and improve meeting quality both in-person and remote or hybrid. HDMI cables can connect to different monitors.

What You Might Need It For

HDMI cables work well with all of the following devices:

  • TVs
  • Monitors
  • Computers
  • Surround sound audio
  • 4K screens

There are multiple types of HDMI cables you can invest in. You may even need to buy HDMI adapters to help transfer video signals or an HDMI splitter to send a video signal from one device to multiple different outputs. An HDMI switch can help you switch the video source on your monitor or TV and switch between multiple sources at once.


Networking cables are a wide range of products that are essential to the productive functioning of any office or business. These are cables you need for many areas of business such as phones and other networking needs.

What It Is

Networking cables connect one network device to another. They connect two or more computers to printers, scanners, and other types of devices needed in offices. Every business needs a printer and a computer—if not multiple of each. These networking cables ensure all the technology works together in harmony.

What You Might Need It For

You may need networking cables for many things in your office such as Ethernet cables, RG58 coaxial cables, surface mount jacks, wall plates, and POE. There are countless items you could use your networking cables for. For instance, if you’re setting up landline telephones or connecting your network of computers to a singular printer, you need networking cables.

Fiber Optic

Fiber optic cables are an increasingly popular and needed cable type. They’re effective and have long-distance networking. They’re great for multitudes of applications. They are most renowned for their fast-speed data transferring capabilities.

What It Is

Fiber optic cables are great for long-distance, quick data transfers. They are the go-to cable type for most communications companies. They are useful for many different businesses and across many industries because of their versatility.

What You Might Need It For

You might need fiber optic cables for your business if you need to transfer data across long or short distances. You also may need ethernet fiber converters, enclosures, cassettes, or even fibber optic connectors to help your office reach its full potential.

In a guide to the different cables you need to run a business you can see exactly which types of cables are beneficial to your company’s operations, overall staff, and client satisfaction. Contact Cable Wholesale today for more information on our offerings or browse our website if you want to easily buy cables online. We are committed to quality and offer a lifetime warranty on lots of our products.

A Guide To the Different Cables You Need To Run a Business

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