When and Why To Use Plenum Cabling in Your Space

When and Why To Use Plenum Cabling in Your Space

Plenum cabling is an important asset in large buildings. Designed with a smoke- and flame-resistant outer casing, these cables help minimize damage in the event of a fire and protect individuals in the process. However, you don’t need them in every part of a complex, and they’re often too expensive to install where they aren’t the most useful. Therefore, read on to learn when and why to use plenum cabling in your space.

In Newly Constructed Buildings

Many modern building designs include several features that accommodate plenum airspace. You can see this in low-drop ceilings and expansive air duct systems. Because of this, plenum cabling is the right choice for any newly constructed project. Installing this protection during construction ensures that a complex remains safe and eliminates the need for this addition down the line.

For High-Tech IT Centers

Plenum cabling is also common in high-tech IT or data centers. Since these rooms remain constantly charged with electricity, protection is of the utmost importance to prevent extreme accidents. So installing these products in these areas is the key to keeping your business’s network online and reducing the impact of a fire.

To Accommodate Air Handling Space

Another instance of when to use plenum cabling in your space is whenever your building contains an air handling area. These regions are the parts of a building that enables pressurized air circulation. They’re also known as plenum spaces and require the most protection from explosive conditions like fires and smoke.

When Building Codes Require It

Above all, though, you must use plenum cables in your building whenever and wherever your local building codes require them. The guidelines that dictate the proper safety protocols for all newly constructed and existing buildings determine where you need plenum cables the most. For this reason, you must follow these standards to stay compliant with safety regulations.

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