Everything You Need To Know About HDMI Cable Length

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HDMI is short for High-Definition Multimedia. HDMI cables have seen incredible popularity growth thanks to their compatibility with laptops, Blu-Ray players, gaming consoles, and more. These cords transmit high-quality digital video and audio data from one device to another. They allow you to enjoy effortless streaming between multiple devices. When selecting the perfect HDMI cable for your entertainment or work setup, you may have questions about what length to go for. CableWholesale uncovers everything you need to know about HDMI cable length so that you can get the most out of your selection.

The Relationship Between HDMI Cables and Transmission Quality

Audio and video signals must transmit through the entirety of the cable’s length. The greater the HDMI cord length, the more room there is for that signal to experience interference or other transmission issues. Of course, if you have a setup that requires an HDMI cord with more length, there are ways to create a quality signal, as we’ll discuss below.

How To Determine the Right HDMI Cable Length

One of the critical aspects of everything you need to know about HDMI cable length is recognizing how to determine the correct length for you. You must know your desired cable length before you buy HDMI cables online to ensure your setup doesn’t fall short. You also don’t want excess cable length to overwhelm it. Though people often find 20-foot HDMI cables to suffice, we’ve provided an additional guide below for dealing with greater distances.

  • When there are 25 feet between the source and display, use a passive cable.
  • When there are 150 feet between the source and display, use a signal converter.
  • When there are 1000 feet between the source and display, use a fiber optic extender.

What To Do if Your HDMI Cable Requirements Expand

Maybe you want to set up a temporary entertainment system outside or simply have an expansive workstation. Whatever your reason for needing a longer HDMI cable, you have a couple of options for getting the cable length you need.

Acquire Signal Converters

HDMI signal converters allow your HDMI cable to communicate with a different signal with less strict length boundaries. An HDMI signal converter provides optimal video and audio data transmission by converting the signal to either that of either Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cables.

Obtain Extenders

With HDMI extenders, you can be much more flexible with your work or entertainment setup. Extenders support transmissions over greater lengths. So, you can expand your system without splurging on new HDMI cables.

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