How To Set Up Your Cable Management System Like a Pro

How To Set Up Your Cable Management System Like a Pro

Whether you’re doing work or online gaming, it’s a fact that you’ll have a lot of cables in your home. Configuring the cords can be a major hassle. Without the proper knowledge or tools, you can end up with a mess bigger than what you started with. To avoid potentially damaging your cables and to reduce fire safety hazards, you should maximize your cable management skills. CableWholesale’s got your guide on how to set up your cable management system like a pro.

Use a Color-Coding System

When you have a jumble of unorganized cables that are all one color, it seems like an endless mass of tangles on tangles. If you color-code your cables, however, you’ll be able to determine each cable’s function with ease. Wrap a little bit of electrical tape around a cord to indicate its performance. This will prevent you from getting confused and unplugging the wrong cord.

Employ Cable Management Accessories

No cable management system is complete without adequate cable management accessories. Cable wraps, clamps, and runners are just a few examples of small tools you can add to your setup to consolidate your cables. These management supplies are also often made of heat-resistant materials to help avoid overheating your cabling system.

When you buy cables online at CableWholesale, be sure to peruse our expansive collection of cable wraps, carpet cable runners, hooks, loop straps, and ties, and other cable management accessories. With the right combination of management add-ons, your system will look pristine.

Be Cautious With the Extension Cord

The main purpose of an extension cord is to provide your cables with a little extra length, and you should treat an extension cord as such. Too often, homeowners and office management default to using an extension cord as the end-all, be-all for multiple devices, but this may cause overheating.

When possible, plug your cables directly into a nearby outlet. Reduce extension cord use strictly to assist cables that can’t reach the outlet on their own.

Creating the perfect space for your entertainment or computer system doesn’t have to be difficult. With our tips on how to set up your cable management system like a pro, well-performing cables, and essential cable management accessories, you’ll never see a sloppy setup again.

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