How To Choose the Right Ethernet Cord for Your Application

How To Choose the Right Ethernet Cord for Your Application

Ethernet cables are an essential component in any successful wired network. As cable manufacturers continue to fine-tune their Ethernet cords, there are more and more options for those trying to set up a reliable system. In order to get the most out of your network equipment investments, learn how to choose the right Ethernet cord for your application.

Selecting the Right Category

There are three main types of Ethernet categories: Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a, “Cat” being short for category. Each type of Ethernet cable has a unique connectivity performance and distance limitations. Here’s a brief breakdown of what they offer.

  • Cat5e: These cords have minimized crosstalk and are typically adequate for all home connection needs.
  • Cat6: Cat6 can reach up to an impressive 1 Gbps. Because of their capability, these cables are effective for large and demanding networks. Cat6 cables are even less susceptible to crosstalk than Cat5e cables.
  • Cat6a: These wires are essentially an upgraded version of the Cat6. They offer 10 Gbps for up to 100 meters in length. Data centers and other complex tech facilities are likely to implement these wires.

Considering Its Location

Temperature and moisture can have an adverse effect on network cables. You should always be mindful of the conditions your cords will have to withstand. Some cable jackets provide better protection against certain elements than others.

If your application requires cables to run outdoors, equip your setup with Ethernet wires that can endure external elements. For data transmission, phone lines, and networking, CableWholesale supplies large spools of outdoor Cat6 cable that are built to last and perform well through various weather conditions.

Determining the Right Length

It’s a fairly simple concept—you need to meticulously measure your space to determine your length needs. Too short a cable won’t suffice, and too long a cable will unnecessarily complicate cable management and organization. A good rule of thumb is to go for a cable length that’s slightly longer than your measurement, as this ensures your cord has some give but isn’t laying sloppily.

CableWholesale has a diverse selection of Ethernet cords for you to choose from. Whether you’re setting up a wired network for your home or office, you’ll need reliable hardware to get you started. Our cables come in an assortment of categories, lengths, builds, and colors, so you can hand-select the ones that will best suit your application. Our abundance of additional cable management accessories makes us the perfect one-stop-shop for all things wired network.

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