The Key Difference Between Flat & Round Ethernet Cables

The Key Difference Between Flat & Round Ethernet Cables

Many industries use both flat and round Ethernet cables for their applications. However, both types of cables have some advantages over the other that are worth considering if you need to narrow down your options. CableWholesale reviews the key difference between flat and round Ethernet cables to help you determine which is right for your application or whether you might want to invest both.

Flat Ethernet Cables

  • Flat Ethernet cables are revered for the electrical quality of their conductors. When conductors remain parallel to one another, that quality remains constant, which is convenient for the user’s sake. The coveted balance that flat Ethernet cables provide is not often found in round cables.
  • The structure of this type of Ethernet cable tends to be more high maintenance than round Ethernet cables since it doesn’t have as reliable of self-sustaining features against heat as round cords.
  • Flat Ethernet cables typically have a reduced volume and weight when compared to round cables because they lack fillers or low-friction wires, which is beneficial for storage and installation purposes.
  • Flat Ethernet cables are usually sold at a lower price than round wires.

Round Ethernet Cables

  • Round cables produce much less heat than flat cables because of their build. They contain several layers of wires and additional components that aim to reduce internal heat.
  • Round cables are very user-friendly, as they have a simple installation process, are flexible for tight spaces, and are super durable. Their flexibility and durability make them the popular choice for data center applications over flat Ethernet cables.
  • These Ethernet cords have a higher uptime, or level of operational performance, than flat Ethernet cables.

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