What You Need To Know About Coaxial Cables

What You Need To Know About Coaxial Cables

Sometimes referred to as a coax cable, coaxial cables are electrical wires that transmit signals from point A to point B. They’re popular due to their insulation layer that reduces electromagnetic interference. Coaxial cords are sturdy in nature, each varying type shielded so the center conductor can transmit information efficiently. In this article, CableWholesale covers what you need to know about coaxial cables and how they may be beneficial to your entertainment or computer network.

What Are Coaxial Cables Used For?

There are two main categories of these cables: ones with an electrical resistance of 75 Ohm and ones functioning with 50 Ohm. 75 Ohm wires are primarily used for video, while 50 Ohm cables are utilized for data and communications.

Of the two categories, there are roughly four different types of coaxial cables. You may use them around the house or office for television, phone connection, and other daily conveniences. Each type (RF, RG-6, RG-59, and RG-11) performs best under different circumstances and for different purposes.

The Advantages of Coaxial Cables

  • The center conductor offers considerable protection that prevents the connection from becoming disrupted. The inner conductor is enveloped in foam insulation, wrapped in a metal braided shield, and covered in a plastic jacket.
  • Their special design allows you to place these cables next to metal objects without losing transmission as you would with other cables.
  • These cables can be installed easily and are flexible.

The Disadvantages

In inspecting what you need to know about coaxial cables, don’t overlook their flaws. Though highly versatile and durable, coaxial cables have their limits.

  • They are bulkier than other cables.
  • Due to the insulation thickness, coaxial cords are expensive for long-distance networks.
  • Coaxial cables have to be grounded to prevent interference.
  • They are still at risk of interference via T-joint. T-joints can be inserted by breaking the cable, gaining access to a variety of potentially sensitive information.

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