The Differences Between the Three Types of Cat Cables

The Differences Between the Three Types of Cat Cables

Successful businesses require a high-functioning, reliable network. Many companies have come to utilize the plentiful advantages of a wired network setup. Wired connections provide:

  • Greater security
  • Flexibility
  • Optimal speed

Though wireless networks are convenient for mobile devices, wired networks are better for the topology setups that businesses usually strive to use. To create a premiere wired system, it’s crucial to use sufficient equipment. CableWholesale looks at the differences between the three types of Cat cables.

Cat5e Cables

Cat5 cables may be the old-school choice, but they have a durable build that still makes them reliable for home network connection. Over time, these cables have been phased out to make way for more evolved wires. Because they’re older Ethernet cables, they are not the number one choice for large, high demand systems.

It may be easy to confuse the Cat5e Ethernet cable with the Cat5 cable because of their similar appearances. However, this evolution of the cable offers significantly quicker data speeds.

Cat6 Cables

Sporting tightly wound wires, Cat6 cables are a great improvement from Cat5e cables. Typically, Cat6s are supplied with an outer foil or braided shielding that helps prevent cable damage and interference.

Their structure is reliable across long distances, too. They can support up to 10 Gbps over up to 55 meters, making them a solid choice for large networks.

Cat6a Cables

Cat6a chords have the same benefits as their predecessor, plus more. The added “a” stands for “Augmented,” a tribute to the advancements made.

The cable’s revered features include the ability to support twice the maximum bandwidth and greater transmission speeds over longer distances. They are shielded, meaning they have reduced noise and interference, too.

If your company needs to enhance its network, consider CableWholesale for the job. Once you’ve assessed the differences between the three types of Cat cables and have decided which will serve your business best, you can find a high-grade bulk selection in our expansive inventory.

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