Mistakes To Avoid When Running Network Cables

Mistakes To Avoid When Running Network Cables

Whether you operate a blooming startup or an established corporation, a reliable network system is imperative to company productivity. More and more companies are beginning to opt for wired networks as they provide preferable speed, security, and noise reduction. If your company plans on employing a wired setup, become familiar with the mistakes to avoid when running network cables to ensure the most efficient layout.

Overlooking Proper Cable Management

The more cables you have, the more important it is to be wary of their management. Messy bundles of cable can cause accidental unplugging or tripping. Sure, having extra cable management resources may demand an initial splurge, but is an organizational investment that will be well worth it. When IT inevitably needs to locate the source of a connectivity issue, the process will be agonizing and timely without cable organizers.

You can reduce downtime by putting ladder racks, cable ties, and other wire management tools in place. CableWholesale supplies both 200 ft Ethernet cable bundles and cable management gadgets, making it the ideal one-stop-shop for network configuration.

Neglecting Future Cable Needs

One common mistake that companies run into when setting up their networks is neglecting to consider expansion needs. If you are striving to grow as a business, which most brands are, enable room for that growth.

Purchasing cables, enlisting professional labor, and running the equipment – It is important to consider your company’s future along every step of network setup.

Running Cables Near Obstructive Devices

Some office technological equipment is more apt to posing interference issues. Avoid electromagnetic interference from disrupting connectivity and be mindful of cable placement. Keep power and network cables separately running.

Pro Tip: Air conditioning motors, fluorescent light fixtures, electrical wires, and other similar equipment can obstruct your network connection. Don’t run cables near these devices.

Forgetting To Implement a Cooling System

Cables and devices that process numerous demands daily tend to heat up with use. One of the biggest mistakes to avoid when running network cables is to overlook a cooling system for them. Too much heat can pose a safety risk and cause energy bills to rise significantly.

Implement a cooling system that equips your cables and equipment with adequate airflow. It is equally important to maintain your network cables in a dry space, as moisture can disrupt data transmission and result in the need for cable replacement.

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