Common Structured Cabling Mistakes To Avoid

Common Structured Cabling Mistakes To Avoid

Many companies prefer the advantages of a wired network over a wireless one. The more devices that a business must relay connection to, the larger the network system should be. Larger businesses often must rely on an abundance of cables to properly connect all their equipment.

To have a reliable and successful system, you must have well-organized cables. The cable structure of your network is going to be highly influential to connectivity and any issues that arise. When establishing cables in your workspace, consider these common structured cabling mistakes to avoid.

Insufficient Planning

Like most other organizational setups, planning for optimal structure cables is key. When comprehensive planning is overlooked, necessary cable management details are at risk of not getting sorted.

Aimlessly laying down cables can also increase safety hazards. Determine which locations within your workspace are safe and appropriate for the number of cables required for your network. Sufficient planning will save you excessive inconveniences and stress.

Lacking Labels

An abundance of cables requires an abundance of labeling. It is easy to get wires mixed up when you have a large amount at hand. Labels prevent wasted time and effort by streamlining cable identification. Labels are also crucial to avoiding incorrect connections between cables and ports.

Fortunately, forgetting to label is one of the simple common structured cabling mistakes you can avoid by being proactive. Assemble your cables by color and create tags or stickers to identify wires and ports. Labeling also makes equipment inventory effortless.

Improper Placement and Grouping

It is common for people utilizing cables to let the wires fall as they may. Intentional cable placement is necessary to create a well-structured network system. Neglecting proper cable placement and grouping can be hazardous and become a jumbled inconvenience down the line.

Aligning Network Cables With Electrical Cables

Be sure to set your network cables in a separate location from your electrical cables within the workspace. Designating space for cables with varying purposes is necessary to avoid accidental downtime and data loss. This will also make it easy for any electricians that come to repair electrical issues in the office.

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