The Advantages of Wired Network Systems

The Advantages of Wired Network Systems

A strong digital network is a crucial aspect of any productive business. Because of the vast improvements digital devices have made, companies have become increasingly dependent on reliable technology. As wireless systems have become a convenient source for mobile devices, wired networks are still the preferred option for an optimal connection. Read why the advantages of wired network systems make them the better choice for business devices over wireless.

More Secure

Though advances have been made to Wi-Fi and mobile devices to improve security, wireless connections have more gaps for cyber criminals to exploit. With a wired network system, networks are more secured.

Wired systems require a physical connection with the network source. This makes unsolicited connection interception harder to come by, as cyber criminals must find a way to physically attach to the business network port. Of course, additional safety measures can be made to further protect even a wired connection, as tech-savvy hackers continue to find new ways to breach valued networks.

Reliable Connection

High Speed

When reliable speed is a necessity, opt for wired network systems. Wireless connections commonly max out at one gigabit per second, while wired Ethernet can provide up to five gigabits per second. Having a speedy connection is a crucial factor of workplace productivity, hence why most businesses choose wired systems.

Less Prone To Interference

Because the network connection travels through cables, wired systems are much less prone to radio interference than wireless setups. Frequency interruption perturbs office device functions and can result in an inconvenient crash of necessary applications. A wired setup permits more data to efficiently and securely get transferred.

Flexibility and Range

The advantages of wired network systems that influence workplace setup are their flexibility and range. Because wireless networks have a limited range, wired systems are typically employed in offices. The use of wires in networks allows companies to expand their office layout.

Your business can splurge on cables that promote safety to diminish the chances of device damage or workplace injuries. The number of and distance between office devices will indicate how much and which type of cables your business will need. The cost of multiple networks and routers throughout a company may be pricey, but the more expansive and stronger connection makes them a worthy investment.

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