The Advantages of Bus Topology

The Advantages of Bus Topology

This year has seen a major influx of people working from home. Now more than ever, folks are banking on reliable home networks to get through the day. Network topology is the arrangement of a network’s components. There are five different types of typology, each serving unique purposes that adhere to varying connection needs. Of those topology types, bus topology is one that is easy and cheap to install.

How Does Bus Topology Work?

You can adjust your bus topology to connect several tech devices at home or in the office. Printers, workstations, and servers are connected to the main run of cable. This linear cable, known as the bus, has terminators at each end that absorb signal to prevent signal bounce. Signal bounce can cause collision of multiple signals, resulting in poor network performance.

Its Advantages

The advantages of bus topology are convenient for people looking for low-maintenance connection at home or work. It is important to ensure proper bus topology setup to promote optimal connection. The perks of this type of topology include:

  • Easy installation—This is a major convenience considering the number of devices that you’ll need to hook up to the linear cable.
  • Bus topology requires less cable length than star topology. This makes for a cost-efficient network that can still cover the workstations you need it to.
  • When one station fails in the network, it does not affect the other connected devices.
  • Though bus topology is usually limited in size and range, you can always extend your network with a repeater or connector when necessary.
  • Terminators do not have power requirements, as they are passive devices. This allows you to set up an effective network virtually anywhere.

What To Keep in Mind

While the advantages of bus topology are remarkable, it is important to reflect on your home or office network’s needs to determine which topology is right for you. Some hiccups of bus topology are that the more devices added, the slower the network. Try to limit your bus cable to high-priority equipment. If you must have additional nodes attached to the bus topology, be aware that the chances of signal collision increase.

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