Choosing the Right Surge Protector for Your Server Rack

Choosing the Right Surge Protector for Your Server Rack

Surge protectors are vital additions to the workplace that serve to protect your data and avoid costly damage to workplace equipment. Overlooking preventive measures can lead to unnecessary power surges that threaten your company’s valued data. Choosing the right surge protector for your server rack is a vital consideration for workplace efficiency. Cable Wholesale is here to help you select the best protector for your workplace.

Clamping Voltage and Absorption Rating

Also known as the “let-through rating,” clamping voltage is the voltage that triggers the surge protector. A lower number (measured in voltage) is best to look for when buying surge protectors because it indicates that the protector will start to absorb energy at a lower voltage, protecting your server rack sooner.

Absorption rating measures how much energy the surge protector can absorb before failing. The higher the number, the better, as that means it can let through lots of voltage prior to failure. The absorption rating may be noted on the surge protector as “joule rating” and is a crucial consideration when selecting your device.

Number of Ports

Consider how many ports you need and research which surge protectors are built with the appropriate amount. It is important that the surge protector’s ports are evenly spaced to prevent any failure to absorb energy.

Consider What’s Getting Plugged In

Many of the factors accounted for when choosing the right surge protector for your server rack rely on the kind of equipment you will be plugging in. You will also need to be conscious of how many devices you will plug into the surge protector. Knowing these details will inform the necessary requirements of a sufficient protector.


Check to see if a warranty is offered when selecting surge protectors. Some surge protectors cover the damage to devices connected to the surge protector should it fail to work properly. If a warranty is not provided, learn how to file a warranty claim. This will protect your belongings and data should your purchased device ever fail.

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