Signs It’s Time To Change Your Network Cabling System

Signs It's Time To Change Your Network Cabling System

Whether your company is working in the office or you’ve been working remotely for months, it’s crucial to have quality network cabling throughout your building for two reasons. First, businesses usually have a structured cabling setup that supports both onsite and remote workers. Second, we won’t work from home forever; although COVID-19 has made it feel like we’ll never return to the office, we will. That said, you need your network to work for you—not against you, and a big part of that is the cabling. If you don’t know if your building has the appropriate network cables or not, we’ve got you covered. Below we break down some common signs it's time to change your network cabling system.

Mediocre Performance

When you pay for internet service, the provider should share the details of the plan you pay for. Included in your internet plan details will be the download speed you’re paying for and the minimum download speed. If your internet and network are sluggish at best, there are two possible reasons. First, you might not have the appropriate internet plan for the number of users and devices. Alternatively, your cable infrastructure doesn’t support your download speeds.

Frequent Downtime

Some organizations experience network downtime rather frequently, which isn’t normal. Of course, there are dozens of reasons you might experience a network outage, ranging from the weather to a server issue to someone accidentally unplugging a cable. Another potential cause for network downtime is insufficient cables. Network cables have changed tremendously over the years, and if you’re still using cables from ages ago, they might not have the capacity your internet requires. Your company can’t afford downtime, and putting rush orders on new cables or maintenance gets expensive. Install high-quality cables carefully or hire an IT professional to do it for you to ensure it’s done correctly.

You Have Damaged Cables

There are a shocking number of companies that not only use outdated cables, but also use cables that are worn, frayed, or even taped together. There’s never an excuse to use cables that are clearly damaged and expect a perfect connection in return—it’s not going to happen. While we’d argue that all network cables should be high quality, the cables in a business must be. Businesses regularly use network cables, and the cables endure a lot of wear and tear over the years. It’s crucial that your cables will last so you can expect reliable connections and prevent downtime.

There are numerous signs it's time to change your network cabling system, but the three we mentioned are the most common signs. When you purchase replacement network cables, ensure you’re doing business with a dependable supplier so you can be confident you’ll receive top-quality products.

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