How the Weather Can Affect Your Internet Connection

How the Weather Can Affect Your Internet Connection

Everyone knows a poor Internet connection could stem from a faulty cable, a cheap Internet plan, or a router that’s too far away. But does weather affect Wi-Fi signal strength? Many people forget the weather can play a significant role in your Internet connection. If you want to learn how the weather can affect your Internet connection, read our guide below.

Precipitation and wind

Even if you primarily use a wireless network, several factors—such as rain, snow, and wind—can all affect your connection. How does weather affect Wi-Fi, though? Even the lightest rain or snowfall can absorb radio frequencies that allow you to connect to the Internet wirelessly. Additionally, strong winds can cause several problems that lead to slower speeds. For instance, they could knock down power lines that supply your signal.

Varying temperatures

Believe it or not, even the temperature can strongly affect your connection over time. Take a very hot climate, for example; as the temperature increases, the jacket on broadband cables can soften or expand, causing your speeds to diminish. In extremely cold temperatures, aboveground cables could freeze or get covered in ice during a storm. Furthermore, if the cable is subterranean, the ground may harden over time and cause frost heaving, which could ultimately break the cable.

Other Factors Affecting Your Internet Connection

Several more common culprits other than the weather can affect your Internet connection. For instance, you might need a new router that can handle the number of devices you’re connecting to it, or you could simply be too far from your router. Another possibility is that you’re using low-quality, old, or outdated Ethernet cables. After all, connecting directly to your router with an Ethernet cable is your best chance of having a reliable connection. Finally, you might need to simply upgrade your Internet plan with your provider, because you could be overloading your service.

While weather affects internet speeds, you can combat outages with quality cables. We always suggest trying high-quality Ethernet cables because they’re the best way to get fast speeds and a reliable connection. Whether you’re in the market for Cat5e or Cat6 cables or you’re replacing your outdoor Ethernet cables, CableWholesale is your one-stop shop. In addition to our fully stocked inventory, we also offer free technical service to help you get up and running faster. To boost your connectivity and upgrade to high-end cables, check out our online shop today.

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