When Is Plenum Cable Required?

When Is Plenum Cable Required?

Before you can understand when plenum cable is required, you need to understand what makes plenum-rated cables so special. Plenum space is an HVAC industry term that describes any part of a building where heating and air conditioning passes through. Common plenum spaces include below raised floors and above dropped ceilings. Manufacturers make plenum cables with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or fluorinated ethylene polymer (FEP); both materials are fire-retardant and produce minimal smoke. If you’d like to learn more, read our comprehensive guide below.

Businesses moving or constructing new buildings

Before moving into a new commercial building, you should always call in a certified contractor to ensure that the building is up to code. Many people don’t realize that regulations require plenum cables in plenum spaces that don’t have adequate sheet metal and ductwork. Additionally, if your business outgrew your former building, you should install plenum cable when constructing a new building. Even if you install ductwork in your new business, you can’t go wrong with plenum cables because of their fire-retardant properties.

IT rooms

Given that every business relies on the internet nowadays, most businesses have an IT room with server racks, computers, and raised flooring. Plenum cables are required in IT rooms for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, raised flooring indicates a plenum space, so you must use the appropriate cables. Additionally, even with proper ventilation, IT rooms tend to get warm, and all the electricity can be a fire hazard. So it’s better to be proactive and reduce the chance of spreading a fire by installing plenum cables in the first place.

While households don’t use plenum cables as often as commercial buildings, it doesn’t hurt to use plenum-rated cables at home either. In the event of an emergency—whether at home or work—you’ll be glad you chose plenum cables because you’ll reduce or eradicate toxic chemicals in the smoke.

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